Our association has dealt with the organization of several activities over the years and at the present too. The aim of these activities represents the inclusion of the disabled people in various cultural and sport competitions, where they cam be together with their colleagues and can spend some time away from the daily problems.

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Sports day
Yearly we organize a Sports Day for the disabled people, which has become already a tradition, due to the fact that it has been organized consecutively since 2001. The participants (around 100 people), the majority physically disabled, can prove their skills in sports. For this event, the transportation and food are provided by the association.

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Fishing contest

The annual fishing contest has also become a tradition, for it has been organized consecutively since 2001. The participant (around 80 persons) had more or less satisfying results. The awaited fish soup is served as a goulash and the captures grow every year.

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An important step in our public awareness campaign was the Open day, in which the attention of the state and public institution was drawn upon the lack of access facilities for the disabled persons in the institutions as well as the difficulties they have in trying to have a normal life. With this occasion delegates of the City’s leadership and of the Church have tried to solve daily problems (official documents, paying bills, etc.) sitting in a wheelchair.

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The Association of Physically Disabled from Harghita County has initiated a transportation service for physically disabled people, which, at the present time, is unique in the entire country. This service assures the transportation for the disabled person with a minibus, which has a special elevator for medical expertise and offers possibilities for other medical consulting. At the present moment, the transportation system works function of the appointments made and the costs are borne from Special Transportation Tickets issued by the Medical Expertise Committee.