With the help of the computers received as donations we have managed to build an e-mail network. Through this network, the disabled persons from different parts of the county can keep in touch with people from the country or from abroad.

Image description Computer operator course

Each year we organize a one week intensive course of informatics. During this course the participants can acquire the bases of Windows operational system and text editing. For the duration of the course the participants are provided with food and accommodation for free, as well as the computers which they learn on are taken home at the end of the course by them.

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English course

Knowing English represents the basic requirement for communicating with the wide world, as well as for the daily personal affirmation. This is the reason why we have organized an English course in partnership with another organization which deals with physically disabled people.

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The success of the courses…

After the success of the courses and in conformity with the needs of the people who attended these, we reached to the conclusion that such events have to be organized in the future as well. Thereby, we have organized a primary accounting course and an assistant program designer course and in 2008 we have managed to organize a Computer Operator course for HIV positive young people.